How to start a business on wheels

How to start a business on wheels

When you decide to start and manage a business, we have many choices: start a business on the internet (affiliation, drop shipping, online shops), install a physical premise, or choose another path less common, business on wheels foodtruck. This business often appeals to some people, but the process of creating this type of business requires special attention. If you are in this case, let’s find out together how to start a business on wheel.

What is a business on wheel?

A business on wheel you may have understand is an activity whose exercise is mobile. These merchants move with their merchandise, and are on the road going with the wind, and selling their goods and services to all who need them.

Examples of business on wheel

As you will have probably noticed, the business on wheel is a common work that is rather widespread and covers several areas. Here are some examples of business on wheel:

– food sale: it can be a fast food, a ice cream or burger seller, and also products and fresh vegetables straight out of the farm, etc.

– a traveling flower shop;

– a tea room

– a traveling bar;

– hairdresser;

– Tanning salon

…and many more

They are many possibilities and as long as you can provide this service anywhere and anytime, then you’re ready to go!

Advantages and disadvantages of business on wheel

This job, like any other job, has its advantages and disadvantages. The first benefit is freedom, the freedom to be where and when you want. This makes this job interesting and exciting. You have the opportunity discover your environment. You also have the choice of your points of sale, as customers come and go. Move as needed to reach more people, and therefore more customers. If you are at a place where attendance is decreasing, simply move to find more clients to another place.

They are also some disadvantages. The first disadvantage relates to fuel costs. Since you will often have to move around, you will have a lot to spend at gas stations. The other major disadvantage is that you cannot install your booth in some places due to some restrictions.

Start your business on wheel

Now that you have found the right idea and choose the activity you would like to start, it’s time to put everything together. You will need several things, both materially and legally.

The necessary equipment

The first thing you will need is a business on wheel van, where you can travel to provide your goods and services. This van must match your requirements in terms of ergonomics, size, consumption, and budget. Then you will have to prepare the material you will need to provide your goods and services, and then the goods and services proper.

Administrative procedures

These steps are also essential if you want to freely exercise your business on wheel activity.

– choose a legal status:
After choosing a name for your activity, you must register your structure by choosing the legal status that suits you best and will suit your type of activity. From this status will also depend the taxes that you will have to pay;

– obtain a sales permit and a license:
This will allow you to guarantee the quality of your products and services and will also allow you to travel on the roads in a completely legal way. You will not risk being stopped, or having your van or goods seized.

The business on wheel is a very interesting and thrilling activity that allows you to make money by going every day to adventure. But this adventure has its rules, these needs and these conditions that you will have to respect to freely exercise your activity. You will need to complete some administrative procedures, and especially to obtain the necessary equipment. The most important of which is a van with which to exercise your activity.